Beta Features

Resolve Post

Resolve Posts solicit others to help you get something done. Want an original comic book created that features you and your friends as superheroes? Need to talk to an expert to solve a problem right away? Make a Resolve Post for it! Add a bounty to your Resolve Post if you want it done very well and/or very quickly.


Being social is more than about connecting with your friends. It’s also about making new ones! Resolve Posts are labeled with interests represented by hashtags, like #Algebra. By following your interests (Ex. #GameofThrones) you will see Resolve Posts and bounties relating to them in your feed.

Chat Circles

Who likes to wait for what they want? No one! Chat Circles are a special type of Resolve Post that allows users to chat with each other about a topic they are mutually interested in. Chat circles can have up to 6 participants in the beta. This way if you’re a big fan of a TV series or band your friends aren’t interested in, you can still have a good conversation about it right away. This helps you meet like-minded individuals in real time and make new friends.

User Feed

Your hub for viewing all of the cool stuff happening on Resolve! Check out the questions your favorite celebrities are asking. Laugh as you watch a video of your friend performing a karaoke challenge. Hop in a chat circle with people you don’t know and debate Marvel Vs. DC. If you’re feeling productive, filter it for bounties and look at all the cool ways you can help others and make money!


Resolve Posts may be made into bounties that offer monetary rewards to call others to action. Bounties create a free market competition that spans the globe to see who will do the highest quality of work to earn it. Even if it’s only a few dollars there is someone out there who wants it, has the skills, and will put the work in to get it.

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